What is the Alliance for Community Schools and Teachers?

The Alliance for Community Teachers and Schools (ACTS) is a Baltimore based not-for-profit, which opened its doors in July 2011 to contribute to the transformation of urban education nationally and internationally.

The mission of ACTS is to increase the capacity of urban schools to cultivate the learning and development of children through the emergence of community teachers and community schools. Toward that aim, we develop both communities of practice and culturally-grounded, developmental programs, so parents, teachers, school administrators, and community partners collaborate to continually improve their practices and build smarter systems.

Our Key Concepts are:

  • Community Teachers – “accomplished practitioners who are culturally connected with students, families and communities – Peter Murrell, Jr
  • Community Schools – schools that are neighborhood hubs of strong partnerships where we collaborate to ensure that children thrive and grow
  • Educational Resiliency – cultivation of a trauma-sensitive school culture focused on
    being well, doing well, and adapting well