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Key Concepts

We promote the development of equitable, excellent urban schools, deeply embedded in the community where children live and grow.

ACTS promotes educational resiliency, the characteristic that produces the optimal conditions for child and adult development.
Educational resiliency describes school communities that foster resilient assets in its children, and in the adults who share the responsibility for raising them. School communities that cultivate resiliency are those that fully comprehend the sources of stress and trauma and sources of resilience, and implement intentional, responsive practices that promote identities of agency and hope.
We cultivate circles of practice, a systemic approach to the transformation of urban education. 
Circles of Practice bring about hard-to-attain, high-quality collaboration to approach pressing challenges, as well as day-to-day dialogue and creativity. Members of a circle of practice engage their diversity, develop common values, work towards shared goals. Circles of practice approach pressing challenges with courageous dialogue and creativity, then lead their school communities to embrace change. 
We collaborate with educators, students, families and partners to create community schools.
Community schools are effective and sustainable partnerships that bring cultural, social, and health resources into the enterprise of creating new, progressive school communities. Community schools provide the structures and relationships within which adults support children’s optimal development, seek shared results and foster educational resiliency.
We help educators to develop as community teachers.
Community teachers are urban educators who are collaborative learners, deeply engaged with their students’ culture and community. Through trauma-sensitive, culturally-grounded practices and relationships, they support healthy development, focus on identity, and use knowledge of their students’ lives to provide engaging environments for active learning. 
We follow a collaborative process for innovation (click to enlarge):


Thanks to our partners!

For the 2016-2017 academic year, ACTS is working exclusively with:
-Academy for College and Career Exploration
-Arlington Elementary/Middle School
-Creative City Public Charter School
-Harford Heights Elementary School
-KASA (Knowledge and Success Academy)

Baltimore City Public School System and the amazing schools where we enjoy our work!

Morgan State University

Social Work Community Outreach Services (SWCOS) of the University of Maryland School of Social Work

Park Heights Renaissance

Strong City Baltimore (formerly known as Greater Homewood Community Corporation)

The Y of Central Maryland

Family League of Baltimore City

Contact us to join this partner list today!