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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
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In 2000, I took the entrance of regret into a focus on high like Wuhan. Colleges and universities gathered in the wholesale soccer jerseys for kids city, although the focus of my college school but has a very good reputation. This may also follow from the relevant public school girls a woman in many places, the more non-tube she is a married woman or a 20-year-old old little woman. For four years, I have never had to integrate into school life, had never integrated into the group of girls, even though I left them so close, near to without the slightest distance, ate, lived with the daily drink to sleep with me feel like a voyeur, standing on the shore watching the other side of the group of girls rock, watching the so-called sunny university life and I was so proud, I feel like I have never found an opponent in this school. I thought I was right, until graduation quickly discovered he was wrong. I thought I was wholesale soccer jerseys china innocent until found four years back makes me and most of the people here, like the final trap sludge. I thought I was chaste, until I write these words, and the other girls know no difference, but a little pretentious. Four years ago, we were once virgin or virgin who is like a holy and pure, we took one of the white into the ivory tower, we are angels without wings. Four years later, we leave here. Away something, leave something, get something to lose much more. Leave after four years, under the young beautiful face, sinking heart, up to a maximum, but like a virgin . This is a novel about college girls. Girls girls write fiction, I was a smart girl. I am confident of my ability and comprehension peeping ability to make all the boys for female students interested or girl, man or woman satisfied. perhaps thought written and thorough, but is "not know the truth, just because in this mountain." All the main characters are girls, all the characters are the story of a named story girls. Between girls and girls and girls and between men. Eternal tales. Chapter 2 Reading Notice Read Notice that no matter how you reproach me against me, but please do not denigrate my alma mater. This is just a fiction, not condemnation. Chapter 3 stopper comes in a character University campus is a stage. Each college audience is also an actor, but often awake in someone else's story, in his own story blind. University life is dressed in the most tender shell and flesh to rot in many parts of the fruit, China should strive to removal of all children's fruit. But this fruit after the removal of the hand and peel learned to rely on their own efforts to be able to eat nutritious piece of flesh. Although looks very beautiful and attractive. 2000, with the entrance of regret I came to this university. I am unwilling. I like the boy went to Tsinghua University. When he left, I can not say goodbye. His pure emotion as my high school Terminator, far apart from me. The reason why I wrote the beginning of college life to pull him because: (1) is not because of him, so I would not consider to be satisfied with a university. I'm sure someone would say shamelessly excuses. Admitted to a good university can not hack also blame others. Yes, I just love for their failure, cowardice, vanity excuses. Excuse those established or not established to make my life easier the point, just does not have the burden of my heart, I am looking for an excuse to become one of the principles of survival. In this novel, I will continue to own something wrong excuses, if you dislike, do not look anymore. As for why I did not mess with him because of this school, repeat the following sections. (2) not because of him, I will not have to drag my sophomore year of college began to love life. I love college one year of age would be less than the others, I say you probably understand. That is, I like him in high school, my freshman Shihai like him, I do not like when he was a sophomore. As wholesale soccer jerseys cheap to why it is, repeat the following sections. In fact, the above two words that are my excuses. Language teacher told us to focus on the theme of writing written, do not deviate from the center. I wanted to write him, but also felt outperform the theme from the college life. So I pulled the above two reasons. This is my first book, I wrote to him to come to commemorate the emotion when I was young, I have loved to commemorate people. "Border Town" where has this to say, "People will write poetry on a trivial matter a whole the whole poem, the sculptor carved on a stone derived from genetically as raw portrait of an artist to write children green, I write children red, one gray write children draw a picture drawn with a magic painting, who is not the shadow of a smile to Dianzhao, or a frown mark, always such a weird way to come up with the results? "this is the first wholesale soccer jerseys story I wrote a long point, I think he wrote into the non-non. In order to make too abrupt, I am looking for the top two excuses.

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