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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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Qiming using the toilet, a few prescription receipts from his pocket, and turned around to toll. Looking for a long time, on the first floor in the corner looked up and saw a paint out the words "toll" in the name of the listing. Since a hole like the same place the documents into it, which is a pale hand clothes from the long sleeves sticking out, take over, feebly pops Qiaoxia bunch of Blue Badge, "three hundred and seventy. "can not see the wholesale nike jerseys wholesale person, only a sickly female from inside out. "How expensive? On a bottle and a small bottle of glucose syrup ah." Qiming touch pocket money. Inquired quietly inside. "You ask the doctor asked me to go ah Zuosha it? Then I did not give you medicine. Weird cutting you. Hello to pay off! People lined up behind it." Woman's sharp voice, sounds a bit like Lin Huafeng. Qiming frowned, wanted to tell her that no one lined up behind wholesale nike jerseys a man on his own. Then think refrained. Progressive took the money to go. Hole throw out a document and scattered money, coins and knocked in a groove in the metal ring while chaos. Qiming put the money away and carefully in his pocket. Took two steps, and turned toward the window hole that nobody lined up behind me, I am a person. Having turned away. Calm expression like ink, like floating in shallow dimly lit hallway. Behind came the sharp voice of the woman, "Lennon is crazy ah ......" Doctor's office door ajar, Qiming went to the door, I heard two doctors talking inside. Mixed with the gas stream marketplace, as well as some information about how the woman how dirty topic. Issued from time to time to understand the heart of God laugh, like across a clot wholesale nike jerseys from china of phlegm from the throat hey laugh. Qiming wrinkled eyebrows, eyes become three-dimensional light for many. Recessed eyes, dropped like a black light ri, not sporadic slightest reflection of light, black holes suck in general na forward. "Doctor, is easy to out-patient in an intravenous drip away ...... the girl, her medicine is what ah, very expensive." Qiming standing in the light, the light is too vague outline of a circle. Just open the medicine the doctor to stop, turn back and look Qiming, with a strange smile squeeze in the mouth on the edge of the arc, "Young man, that bottle of nutrient solution on the two hundred and sixty. Together with other charges, outpatient charges, how expensive. "he paused, a smile, a change order Qiming uncomfortable look then said," not to mention, the little girl now is the need to fill the time, how can you feel bad this money too, since there's where the money is to use it, this body bone her, how hard to resist. " Qiming head snapped up at the doctor's gaze meaningfully read his overtones. Doctors came to see him face to comprehend, no longer obscure, lug eyebrows, looked him up and down interesting, asked: "? Your" Qiming said nothing, turned around, opened the door and walked out. Doctors raised his voice in the back, said:. "Young man, you too young friends, we should pay attention to point oh hospital can do, do not go to other hospitals it, I went to say hello and gynecology, considered good care of you cutting ... ... " Qiming impressive advances. Only an empty corridor aunt mopping. Behind two doctors came muffled laughter. Qiming went over sideways to let too aunt, wholesale nike jerseys free shipping feet on the mop jump. Raised his head, was about to say "sorry", Jiuzheng on the turn to his eyes. "Oh yo die, I just drag the good land, good cutting help."

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