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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
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Resolute and decisive tones declared the end of high school final exams. Persistent ringing in three seconds, I quickly put together multiple-choice questions from A to C, then threw to escape the examination room. If I ran a little slower, I will be holding the other candidates, and then grabbed my answer, a pair of generations is not settled, the last too many differences between me and them and their eyes will be very confident fully destroyed my nervous system, while declaring the arrival of a less wonderful holiday. I have no reason not to believe them, as I could not believe myself. Because I know except myself who can enter the examination room are all first grade elite. I can sneak their own half of the first exam attributed Fortunately, while the other half is still reason plankton floating in the air as if looking for general travel tour sway the final destination. High and one of the first three exams I stupid enough to think that they belong to the same level as themselves and thus join them Tuomohengfei discussion. This was due to the evil of mankind, to a certain stage people will inevitably inflated ego, I am also human, and a laity, so the result is a painful lesson is profound. Eat a cutting wisdom, do not eat three cutting wit of man is a fool. I'm not stupid, at least I did not admit that he is a fool, so I wisely ran away. Still raining outside, down from yesterday evening until now, was not a little summer romance taste rainstorm. I said last night, when it rains it certainly stopped the rain in an hour, the results of this sentence is likely to be heard heavenly gods, so he was a bit small angry: Why a little command me? So God posture next endless. Look, I'm very bad man, not anyone, including gods, including how to give my face, along my mind. So I learned to Jiang Wu in "Brave New World" in the days of shouting, pointing the way:. "If I blew, the rain stopped immediately," of course, still under the rain too cheerful, I chuckle endless hunger for wholesale soccer jerseys his cleverness . Just as I was carrying a bag ready to come home to escape, the outgoing president of the broadcast that mimic the national leadership is obviously very long drag voice: "The students return to the classroom, the school will be held radio." Then I wholesale real soccer jerseys heard a magnificent unprecedented shaking ZZZZZZZZZ sigh - I have heard the chorus of thousands of people, thousands of people a big sigh together is the first time I heard, really opened my ears sector. I comfort myself when he died to justify the addition wholesale mls soccer jerseys of a not lived my life for. I wholesale nike soccer jerseys obediently into the classroom, when the door eyelid jump a bit. In fact, I should have known this all indicates unlucky already begun. Classroom, everyone is very crazy. All exams are over, not far from the beautiful holiday beckons to us now is really no reason not crazy. It was a fight, it was a race, it was singing, everyone was trying to burn his own depleted energy consumed exam to resist the pre-dawn darkness. Ten minutes before everyone was dying tortured exam, and now all of a supernatural power. And I am a man sitting quietly in the corner. Like a good boy. The classroom like a TV image does not generally buzzing chaos ring, in the endless bustle, the sound principals and not be slow in coming, and I did not hear clearly, only to hear, "Division of Arts" before. In that moment, I felt something, "boom" sound heavily smashed down on his head. What are the immediate "whoosh" sound flashed. There are little things chest piece "bang" sound break anymore. I Zhang mouth, staring eyes, desperately staring at the green horn motionless, like a station is unplugged machine. Science do not say nothing? Not to say that even to the end of every sophomore Caifen it? How to say of it divided? I'm cranky herself to look very nervous. In fact, I began to worry Arts from the junior branch of thing, but my people are born with chronic, things dragged on, and I even leave the job Is driven onto the school's first three geniuses. So when I heard the end of high school, regardless of the news department when I am happy to die, I think I have a year's time can be dragged. But now I know I'm finished. I was really finished eggs. My whole grade 21 Arts, Science 22, evenly matched, neck and neck. Originally, I contented, I should be content, because with the teacher's words, "two of the former 150 will be able to Focus on the former 30 is the focus of the focus, "but now I wish I was a bit like a small A -. Liberal arts aspect is extremely intelligent wise, science aspect is also milksop help I can Pidianpidian ran without looking back to the liberal arts. But the problem is that science is like my right hand, my left hand as liberal arts. I write with his right hand to eat, but they used to play cards with his left hand open book. Survival or death is Hamlet's question.

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