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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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A little is not in their class, but the class to teach others. He is a computer company for customers initial training, the treatment very good, with the company even gave him a cell wholesale soccer jerseys australia phone. He has got the National Advanced Certificate in computer operations. In this regard I think he is a talent, but he thinks he is a genius. He said he was doing the job is a bit overkill. I admire his confidence fours. A small life motto is: who will live this time, should live domineering. A small evening came to me when I was watching Focus, he said, go for a walk? I said yes. Neon street had risen, showing an entire city and wholesale soccer jerseys daytime opposite taste, ground still hot, the air began to cool. A little to say science is so good why should you read the liberal arts? I say that because I miss department. A little to say you know now choose Chinese literature is believed to be desperate choice? I said I know but I just miss the department. A little that I know you write good articles, but there is no single university because you wholesale soccer jerseys california published more than a dozen articles and close How about you? Writing under the sun is not a person not two. Billboards fall killed 10 people, nine will write articles. I said ah wonderful thing not too many people who write articles Oh, I GJM count for something. So the balance heavily skewed, hopeless situation, my left hand antidote. Home, I told my parents I decided: I read science. Parents immediately exposed a "long overdue" look. I myself did not make a decision that finally relieved as happy. Nobody will be happy to cut off his left hand. After I began frantically decided to read the novel, saying it was good to compensate for the Last Supper mentioning a word I see in pitch darkness. This result did not "make me love your fill," and then turned "go without looking back," on the contrary I can not extricate themselves deeper and deeper, I found that I could never give up my beloved writing, can not let go put Department of Chinese open my beloved, my left hand literature, like a beggar holding a final copper reluctant to let go. So five o'clock I got up quietly, like a thief in his house filled out liberal arts table. I lie on the desk strokes written very devout, and when I finished I shone a ray of rays, according to my left hand. It's warm. I certainly can not believe my parents so casually without pinpoint targets to throw out my future, and it is telling them to wholesale soccer jerseys aaa throw out. I think they know that will be very sad. I have a very strong sense of guilt. Meanwhile I comfort myself: you are very assertive you separate your awesome. But I dream of someone when they said to me: you are blind you do not obey you stupid. Violently shaking the hearts of the balance, while here, plus a few weights, while there are several heavy objects resting on. I constantly make decisions and keep them rejected. I stay up all night reading a financial magazine this also considered physical exercises to stay up late and worked until I finally put themselves very haggard, until finally I had to say to myself over and over again: believe in yourself, do not waver, withstood the pressure , Tiandaleipi missile bombing, is a demon who have put your horse over it! July 9 at night I fell on the bed very early. I live or die with his eyes open in the dark sleep. I comfort myself: okay okay, tomorrow everything will settle down and have a good sleep tonight, sleep well tonight. July 9, the third year students are finished, they should be in the carnival, right? Why so quiet around it? They broke out in silence or perish? I do not know, I just know that tomorrow I have to make a decision. The great man said: master of their own destiny by themselves. That's true. Fate in my hands grasp at the same time they are also the hands of someone else's hands. Question mark in my mind like a squeezed like a country fair. Cut off the left hand or right hand cut off? Left or right hand? Left-handed? Right?

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