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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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Back to school time is almost lunch time just begun. Most of the students lying on the desk to sleep. Windows shut tightly, but a few days ago was playing in the classroom, the boys broken piece of glass into a violent leakage mouth. Windows near the students have to change to another empty position to go to sleep. Into a sparsely lie. Head hooded jacket coat various colors. Away easily have lost a seat on the edge of the window glass. Since there is no glass in the window frames a quarter seen in the past, that a blue sky, vast and exceptionally sharp. She walked from the classroom to go directly after their seats, put the bag into the bag, raised his head, just to see Qiming took the cup out of the back of the classroom. She had just sat down, there are a few girls walking rope over. Originally a small empty out around the area after another to add into people. Chemistry on behalf of Don millet put a pink notebook put away easily on the table, his face a smile and said, na, morning chemistry class notes, a lot of it, quickly copy it. Yi looked away, revealing a very polite smile, "Thank you, ah." "No," Tang millet little closer to the bench, facing away lying prone on her desk, "Are you sick?" "Well the morning dizziness. Drips go." "Well ...... Qiming and you go along with it?" Don millet random breath a word, such as inadvertently brought out. Easy walk raised his head, narrowed his eyes and smiled, "This is the focus of the dialogue and lend me notes the significance of it." nfl jerseys for women She thought, did not say it, just talk perfunctory, "ah? Do not ah. he did not come to class? " "Yes ah did not come." Don millet raised his head, looked at nfl jerseys nike her doubtfully. Several girls around the eyes like deep sea fish fish head countless long kiss, easy to walk in the darkness toward the nfl jerseys cheap china stamp over, anxious to find a little slack, and then headlong into the curious and nosy spikes, gloating and trouble to learn the materials. "But he was such a good student, even three days do not come, the teacher will not control it." Having easy to walk in front of Don millet raised his hand laptop, revealing a "Thank you" look. Just sit down, raised his head, his eyes fell outside the classroom came from the Qiming body. Right after the front door to the classroom away from the seat easily, Qiming slanting through the gap between the table, bulging white down jacket, winter cold white daylight nfl jerseys wholesale to him off a more clear Jue. He has walked away from the table easy to put in the hands of the water on her table, "Hurry the sugar drink, the doctor said you low blood sugar." Girls circle around eyes suddenly amplified, like those in the deep seabed dormant suddenly opened a huge jellyfish tentacles, stretching, easy to walk toward surrounded by dense over. Easy overlooking the front of Qiming, did not speak, Qiming eyes went up to some doubts, her head down, eyes on the cup mouth, slowly sipping.

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