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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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July 10. Eight in the morning, I sat at the table drinking milk. Mother asked me: science determines the election? I should be noncommittal in his throat loudly. I was determined that if the liberal arts admitted to the 15 whole year before the election message. I went to school when students are basically came, I found that no one besides me to Polyclinic seriously. I asked ten people, ten people rightly told me, "Yeah reason," Man does not have a candidate. No one. Transcripts sent down, I saw the liberal arts ranking below that says "18." I have a big head. It stands to reason that wholesale soccer jerseys china I should give up, but I can not be reconciled. When the teacher received only a small liberal arts table A person went up. Goes on the table by my tightly in my hand, I think frankly to the podium to the teacher, but I found myself stand up. I will then be scheduled to sit until the teacher said, "school" until all students finish. I saw my weakness and inability. Southern Hemisphere butterfly flapping its wings could lead to a typhoon in the northern hemisphere. But any time I play a broken arm and both legs Tiduan buildings will not fall off a piece of brick. Well a brick fell, hit my head so nice that I can smoothly to see the Marx. I saw my freedom was being detained. There is a story of the life of the chicken should be seven years, but mechanized farming "chicken" seven weeks had been killed. Their life saw the sun twice: once born (not necessarily), another is from the farm to the "torture chamber" and hanging with your feet, beheaded the next, his eyes filled with blood, looked the topsy-turvy world. I do not know my eyes there is no congestion, but in my eyes the world is indeed a topsy-turvy world. I saw my department. He waved to me to say goodbye. Department of Chinese slowly towards the door shut, just as slowly closed the gates of the Forbidden City, with the history of the beautiful sun dignified shut the door on it. Suddenly thunder, rain down. But wholesale soccer jerseys neither gentle nor lingering, rain is smashing down. I rushed like that seven days before the rain, and I think Leslie's "right-hand man." "From that day on I Fall in love with my left wholesale soccer jerseys cheap hand, and from that day on I hate my right hand." I lost arts table, I thought that it would take off by the wind, the results of which fell to the ground about it, and then quickly soaked by the rain. Black pen writing on paper gradually become blurred and eventually disappear clean. The original "black and white" is not necessarily to change things that can not be better. I'm sure you found out what I do not know, I do not know what I feel sad. I identified wholesale soccer jerseys canada myself in tears, but I can not tell what his face which is the rain of tears. I do not know the day of rain is particularly large or if I go very slowly, in short, I went home after a fever. I woke up after sleeping for two days, he found himself lying in a hospital bed out bit by bit. Mom and Dad around the bedside grandparents grandparents a people person. I told them I chose science. I want to be like the television show as they played wiping away tears, said: "My child, you do not read the reason, you choose the text it!" But they told me: your choice is right. So I can not really sad to find drama equated with life, although I hope eleven million. The chest piece of the broken little things more thoroughly. I vaguely see my beloved Chinese literature smiled at me in the sky, and then went straight gone. I'm sorry, I quietly hiding in the sheets in my left hand in silence.

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