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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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Left or right hand is now my problem. Teacher walked into the classroom, around the beginning of quiet. She said she wanted to talk about the Division of Arts thing. I thought she was back, as usual, tell us two of the arts is no good science; me She will, as usual, is to persuade us to stay in science are selected bumban; I thought she would tell us, as usual, two liberal arts students like flies on the windows, the future is bright, but the road is not. But "I think" is just "I thought," and I do not necessarily think that's usually not correct. She told us that the school promised to give liberal arts students with grades of our best teachers, so I want to read them, please be assured liberal arts go. This is a fatal temptation, I feel a little tilted the balance in mind. After finished smiling teacher asked us: "You are the reason to read the text or read it?" I feel like she asked me: "Are you cut left hand or right hand cut ah?" Before the class, I have not had to make a choice to answer with a loud voice: "Reason - Branch -" I see teacher laughed very satisfied. When the crowd dispersed, I softly to the podium, the teacher said I want a liberal arts fill the table. Although she was surprised but she did not ask what gave me one. I took the opportunity She asked: "Teacher, I read the rationale is appropriate or read the text?" The teacher said:. "You very special, I think you have the right of Arts and reading the text, but you may not walk so good school reading management" since Teachers have said so I can do? I obediently stepped down, the hearts of the balance tilted back again. I dragged the big bags of luggage out of the gate. I suddenly remembered a high school student had to say: "What day is this something to worry about rain and wind as well as specialized people will not fall down, so what it is designed to make people afraid of earthquakes wholesale replica soccer jerseys china and magma will split the time this thing is specifically what people feel sorry sorry sorry state of their own universe, What is dedicated entrance test this thing we are not going to freak, Division so let us know what it is to small to accept 'comprehensive development' education is fundamentally wrong. "I'm not playing umbrella walking in the rain, it is wholesale soccer jerseys tragic. Hot weather is simply outrageous. The higher the temperature the more unstable substances, chemical so, wholesale replica soccer jerseys free shipping thought so, and I feel that, this principle universally-all. I like a depressed cat wandering back and forth in the living room, watching a broken right hand while looking at the air conditioning could not sigh. Heat. Annoying. Hot and tired. Admitted to high school next door just happy that the girls are learning to death Shino Lin hysteria was called "bother you! I'm sick of it!" I have some sympathy for her. Now tired, tired of the day is yet to come! I looked at the hands of the liberal arts reported in Table I do not know whether it should start. My mom asked me one day at least thirty times, "left or right hand," I feel very Hamlet taste. 3 July holiday, July 10 election to school of arts and sciences, I had seven days of time to consider the problem of right-hand man. But now July 7, and my time is wholesale replica soccer jerseys running out, in this very condition, I can not, "both hands to grasp with both hands." But not only me trouble, I comforted myself, third year students began desperately today. A total of four columns on the arts table: parents' opinions, teacher comments, school advice, and finally choose the arts reasons. So I found myself wishes to be placed in the position without adequate light weight. Discovered this when I was amazed, I have been studying innocently thought that it is a personal thing! So I am obedient to ask my family, from parents to grandparents and then been asked Cousin cousin, the results everyone jumped categorically Liangzi children: science. My heart greatly tilt the balance. A. I think I called to ask a small house called the Little A result no one at home, I have to play small A phone results in his class, he said good night to come hello? I said yes.

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