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Jessica Strauss, M.Phil., M.S.W.
Executive Director

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Do not open the door when the mother exception Xiaoying piled up face. But sitting on the couch watching TV. But obviously distracted. Because the channel is being broadcast in the international news. Her interest was drama in terminally ill sister how handsome brother interwoven with enduring love song. And where in the world was thrown a bomb or nfl jerseys china a country facing famine she did not care. Qiming also remember that once the family eat dinner together watching television, broadcast news channels just in time to say China flooding disaster seriously, then look to see his mother's face flies, "came again, endlessly , and we will not have to donate money to launch it? their pathetic, pitiful we do! " Said a few minutes, then change the channel to the one she was chasing the white rot Korean drama actor had wanted to see the inside than cry bitch children are still moving when she smoked a nose, "said sin ah, too poor. " Qiming incredible to look at her. Still lie in the veins of the nfl jerseys supply cotton. Qiming for good shoes, walked in front of the sofa, ask Mom, how do you now? Mother put down the remote control, "you called to the teacher in the morning." "Say what?" Qiming Daolebeishui pick up the cup on the coffee table. "Say what?" May have been the son stabbed to casual tone, the mother obviously excited tone, "You did not go to school one morning, what else to say?" "Easy morning nfl jerseys wholesale fainted away, I took her to the hospital, they can not leave her alone there an intravenous drip, so took leave of absence with the school." Qiming drinking water, paused, and said, "took leave of absence of teachers should call ah, really annoying. " Mother's tone softened, but then it becomes ugly, she said: "Oh, you really let mom endless parade of heart, small ancestors what I thought you were going all morning, but then again, she fainted off you. What thing ah, she does not want her mom, you have her doing less and their family something to do. " Qiming back and frowned, "I entered the room to read a." Mother stood up, ready to cook kitchen. Just turned around, like what to think, "Qiming, she is not your doctor with money to pay for it?" Qiming Touyemeihui, said: "Well, I paid." Mother's voice significantly higher octave:? "Why should you pay for your pay she's not my daughter?." Qiming waved, made ​​a "do not want to argue," the expression of a casually said, "You will when she is your daughter better." Mother suddenly took a deep breath, chest abruptly larger circle. 35 Lin Huafeng in bed one afternoon. Gratuitous headache she felt like someone took an awl in her temple about what to chisel. Until finally distinguish clearly that a burst of sharp stimulus to the temple but not the illusion of pain like a knock out drum when she suddenly fire was lighted. She stood up out of bed, also naked, direct rushed outside. "Certainly not any with a key! Force girl!" She opened the door just cheap nfl jerseys ready to roar out, regulating the family to see the mother standing in the doorway. "Oh yo! Die ah! Can you wear clothes ah you! Winter even ashamed That at any rate is a good cutting!" Qiming Mom sharp voice cried, and turned aside to cover Qiming good eye. Lin Huafeng slammed the door.

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